If my mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, will she be disqualified for life insurance?

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It could make it much harder to get. You could try going through a group such as AARP. She will have a hard time getting it without a group behind her.
There are guarantee issue policy's available. They usually limit the death benefit during the first 2 years. They also limit the death benefit to $25,000 or maybe $50,000 if your lucky.

It depends on the type of Life Insurance she wants. If she merely wants basic burial insurance, there are affordable plans that consider only your age and the amount of coverage you want. For example, if she is 75 years old and wants $10,000 face value of policy there are companies that use only actuarial tables to set the premium rate. If she is expected to live 10 years and pays $100/month they will have collected $12,000 when she reaches 85. Each year she lives beyond that period increases their profit. If she cancels her coverage before death then they keep all money paid in and owe her nothing. If she dies after her first $100 payment, her estate will be ahead $9,900 and the Funeral Director will be very happy. This is the only reason you want Life Insurance if you are past age 63. Any plans that have exclusionary clauses for anything other than non-payment of premium are a scam and should avoided.
I would imagine that different companies have their own set of rules and regs as to qualify or not...and as Carol suggests--an organization as AARP is an excellent vehicle to get this thru.

I would be careful of anyone who quickly wants you to sign-up with them (as they could possible be a scam)---so it looks like you have some homework cut out for you..

Good Luck!


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