Can you be a guardianship of your Mom or a POA if your already her paid PCA?

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You can file a petition with the probate court in your jurisdiction, asking to be appointed Guardian. There will be notices to the public and your mother's other family members. Then a judge will decide whether to appoint you.

To be designated her agent in a Power of Attorney document, your mother must have the capacity to understand the significance of signing the document. A person who needs Guardianship now would not have that level of understanding.

You are asking a good question. Should a person who is already a paid employee be given control over the employer's health care, treatment and finances? In some situations it's appropriate. But the responsibilities are many, and putting all the burdens of care, and management onto one person may not be best for you, or your mother.
Thank you Mr. Roberts
The agency who pays you may have rules about "conflict of interest" situations like yours. Read all your employment rules first.

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