What's the best way to bathe a senior who is afraid of water?

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since they are afraid of water, whats the best way

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do a bed bath, get a couple of dish pans for the water one for washing her and the other to use for the washcloth to rinse her, they also make dry shampoo for the hair, I had to do it this way for months for my mom when she had vertigo, hope this helps
I have that problem with Mom she claims that she almost drown as a child and has always had a fear of water and her face getting wet. She fears slipping on the wet shower floor despite the mats and towels on the floor. (when we do use the shower we also use a walker for her to hang on to granted your walk in shower is big enough to accommodate both. The sprayer head is attached to the wall below her head). Our other way of bathing is her potty chair over the toilet it raises the seat for easier getting up and sitting along with having handles to grab. Get the bathroom warm and strip them down sitting on the toilet put towels on the floor and who care if the toilet gets wet. fill the sink with warm soapy water. I give Mom a towel to hang on to if she starts to get chilled. It takes all of 10 minutes max. gather up all the towels and throw the in the wash. There is a shampoo that you can get from the medical supply that is a wet soapy wash that does not have to be rinsed out (I fill the sink with hot water to keep it from being a cold shock to her when poured on her scalp) it also can be found in the catalogs like Gold Violin. I'm not sure how we will tackle this once she becomes bed ridden. I do have Mom at an assisted living and she will only let me bathe her at this point. I hope this helps in some way.
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My mom is in assisted living but only lets me bathe her. She lets me wash her hair leaning over her kitchenette sink and I make sure I get her wet enough so we have to go into her bedroom to change her clothes. As she gets undressed I give her a sponge bath with a foaming no-rinse cleanser on washcloths. I recently added a foot bath that she's willing to soak in while I dry and set her hair. I tried wrestling her into the shower a couple of times and it was just too stressful, so this has worked the best for quite a while. I do it once a week.
Buy spray and wash... dilute some of it in warm water and wash her/him with a cloth or a sponge. Do dry and change their clothing as soon as you've done it so they don't catch a cold. Be patient and tell them that they will feel so much better and cleaner that they are going to ask for it all the time. Just assured him/her that you are there and nothing will happen. I used to give my Mother baths, but once she was bed ridden, the nurse or I or both of us will give her sponge baths. She loved it. Good luck. If this doesn't work; there are also sprays that don't need rinsing and you can spray it directly unto their bodies or a cloth and just wipe her/him down.
Many elderly don't care for water over their head so get a hose attachment to easily direct the water over the rest of the body for the major washing. Also my father didn't resist as much when we had a home service provider come once a week (mainly for the shower). My father didn't object as much (and saved the huge fights he was having with my mother regarding showers).
I have my MIL that I've been carving for with dementia 89 yrs old bed ridden we the caregiver and I have to bathe her while on her commode. We remove the bottom so we can clean her without getting hit. My problems is that she has become VERY combative! It takes two because she's hitting and kicking and she started spitting now! And I am not even suppose to be doing anything because I had hip replacement in nov. she refuses to be undressed and washed and dressed. Turns into stone and she has to be bathed otherwise she smells awful! We've even given her meds to calm her down but still doesn't seem to work. I'm getting so tired of this struggle and I'm just the DIL! We got the caregiver just so I can get a break but can't because of my MIL combative behavior.
Use a product that is no rinse. You just use a washrag. The one we used was no rinse brand. There is a body wash and shampoo. Also there Are commercial wipes that you can also use. Check with the pharmacy what they have or Use. I would not recommend spray and wash cleaner.
Problem isn't the washing its taking clothes off in general! Even to change her depends she has a fit! Locks her legs up so hard she gets pressure sores have to put a pillow inbetween. She can't take the abuse from her. So hard. Not even my own mother hit me!
I mean "I" can't take the abuse from her. It messes with your head.....
BS0213, you could ask her doctor for Depakote sprinkles, it saved me from my Mom when she was combative. So sad, they cant help it!
We're all getting old some day, good luck.

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