The bank will not let me transfer my mom's money because she does not have a valid ID. What are my options?

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My mom is in a ALf and ALL of her mail including medicare, banking, and S/S statements are sent to my homeI. I have POA for her as well as medical POA. The problem is that her mailing address is my house and not the ALF.. She has an expired driver's license from out of state and no State ID from where she is now. There is nothing that has the ALF's address on it. I recently tried to open a savings account in her name to put in money that I cashed in from a matured CD of hers-----The bank would not allow me to set up an account because she has no driver's license or state ID---they could not use her SS on the form.......She has advanced dementia and can not imagine bringing her to the SS office to get a state ID.......At the end when her time comes am I going to have a problem with this......What do I do about it? Help!!

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For most things, I don't think you'll have an issue. I used my address for my mother's mail, simply because it was more secure. I didn't have to open anything new. If she has a checking account, you'd think the same bank would easily open a checking account, especially with your POA. If you are dealing with another bank of course, you are starting from scratch.
Anyway, in my opinion and experience - and that's all I am going on, so you may want to check in with an attorney to get clarification - having my mom's mail come to my home never gave me any problems with the legal things and her death. I had POA, as you do. I'm surprised you are having trouble since you have that. Anyone else out there have this happen?
No. She does not have that authority and without such authority she will not be allowed by the bank to set up an account. Someone needs to be his durable POA to have the authority to handle his finances. Who is his POA? Who is currently paying his bills? If they don't have the authority to do this as his durable POA they are breaking the law.
I can understand why the bank would not open the account in her name alone, but would they not allow you to open a joint account with you as the primary account holder?
My brother in law can not read nor write. He has to have a caregiver to get his ss checks, Can his aunt who is his caregiver open a checking account to pay his bills? Or does his checks have to go to a savings account?
I don't know what regulations are in your country. When my husband had Alzheimer, I was appointed as his tutor, in agreement with the children, and I could manage all his financial matters. at the end of each year, I had to make up my account bills, and submit them to the judge to obtain his approval. With the money he received, I could even not pay the facility where he stayed. So you will understand that although I had a full-time job, I was not in a position to pay the balance of their bills, and also take care of new clothing, shoes, toilet articles, etc.. Therefore this shortage I could take out of the saving account we had together before he got ill. As the amount on this account was in fact the inheritance for me and the children, it was calculated by the judge what money had to be kept aside for myself, and for the children. In case the part belonging to my husband would prove to be insufficient, I should have to go to social security, who would arrange for the balance to be paid. May be a similar system exists with you. Therefore, the best thing to do now is to consult a pro deo lawyer and find out what your obligations and rights are. Strength and greetings
from their profile, I see that daddygo is from New Marshfield, OH

This a legal matter that must be dealt with by those with the legal authority to do so.

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