I am overwhelmed with too much to go and too little time. How do you balance caregiving and taking care of yourself?

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In my own case, I needed to learn to say "no" to demands I didn't want or need to do. Saying "yes" to everything will eventually burn you out. Also, realize that you DESERVE to be well taken care of, yourself. So you need to start TAKING time for yourself to rejuvenate and nourish yourself.
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I responded to your other post , and one note I can add here is to seek help via the "daycare center' you mentioned in your other post. Ask for help from friends and family, and other organizations that offer respite for caregivers.

Caring for yourself is very important, so seek the help you need before it becomes a major issues. If something were to happen to you, you would need a backup plan anyway. Why not talk to those that may be able to help before that 'emergency' arises.

Caring for anyone 100% of the time can be overwhleming for even the most organized STAFF, and doing it all yourself makes it even harder. If your father was a veteran and has passed as his spouse, your Mother may be eligible for help from the Veteran's association if Dad was a veteran.

See if Mom is eligible for Aid and Attendance which can help with respite care in your home.


There are many other programs that can help you with respite care, even if only for a few hours a day in your home, or one day a week. Were it not for my darlin, I would have never been able to care for Mom for so many years.

Please look for the help that you deserve, and don't forget to ask FAMILY and friends that you trust.
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