Could my husband's bad temper, irrational behavior, and abusive tendencies possibly be indicative of a medical condition?

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I need to know if there is something wrong with my husband. Every couple months, his behavior is unbearable. He has a very bad temper which very often results in him being physical. He tend to break things and I fear being around him as he abuses me. I cannot understand how he could get angry over nothing and just goes off in this way. I dealt with this for 10 yrs and if he does not seek help then I cannot be with him anymore. Could he possibly have a medical condition ?

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Dear sharlene, you must leave this abusive man. Wether he has a medical condition or not, it is NEVER acceptable to abuse someone.
Why have you dealt with his abuse for 10 yrs? Believe me, someone who abuses people is not mentally well.
I found myself in an abusive relationship and had the courage to end it after 3 yrs. You must stop enabling this man. He will not stop abusing you. They never do.
If he will not leave the home than you must. DO IT.
There are battered family shelters and support groups in many cities. Seek their help. It is NEVER OK to abuse someone. You don't deserve it, have not done anything to cause this behavior. He has a problem that you cannot resolve.
The problem is HIM! You cannot control or change him and it is NEVER ACCEPTABLE to abuse another person. I speak from experience as I just left an abusive relationship after 16 yrs. and 3 kids later. My life has changed 180 degrees. I am breathing and living again. I'm laughing and enjoying my life. He will never change and the issues are within him whatever they may be. He will need to seek professional help. Today I suffer from post traumatic disorder but I am seeking professional counseling for over a year. And it is helping. Slowing I am healing. I have a new lease on life. There is light at the end of the tunnel no matter if you cant see right now.
They do not seem to change. I was 18 living with a man. Two years later had a baby was married in the hospital before the delivery? She died to his hands. He broke her arm at 3 1/2 months then at 4 1/2 put a pillow so he wouldn’t hear her cry she while we slept, turned her head and suffocated and died. I stayed with him “wrong kind of love.” Nine and a half years later, we had another child. I learned in that time to walk on eggshells anything to avoid his hitting me. I catered to him. I was nothing. I just existed and had no life till the end as people noticed me and talked to me about getting out. Because of his position, it became more verbal threw out the years and walls and doors were hit instead of me or not visible. When our second daughter was 3½ years old she saw him go to hit me while I was pinned on the stairwell floor. He stopped his actions but my daughter began to hit my leg me every time I said no to her. I woke up!!! I was not going to raise an abuser. I got out with the help of my mom. My ex-husband and I get along to this day but my life for almost 17 was not the happiest. I kept thinking he would change by having a baby, being marriage would help, the next duty station, but most do not change. This is the short version. My mom daught me to value yourself. Value you. Take care of you.

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