here is this awful smell in our home smells like death what could it be?

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its a foul must order that we can get rid of what could it be ?

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I'm sorry blackdog, the question was a little vague... is the smell coming from the walls, the carpet, just everywhere??? You may have black mold, there could be a leak somewhere you don't know about... if you could be a little more clear, maybe we can help... I use CitruScent for household and bathroom odors, but I don't know exactly what you mean by it smells like "death".... let us know more ...
we know that since our room mate took up smoking again she is starting put off a odd smell to her and we have to leave the house to for get about the smell she puts out from her body oder she takes a shower everyday its not going away it smells the around her door way and its just keeps stronger each day to the point wheres others around us a not coming over like they was at one time
do you have a space under your house an animal may have snuck into and died? in your attack? our house has these screens ( for venting the house ,im told) but it were up to me, id board them up or get smaller mesh screens. weve had rats get in through there..but its kind of common, especially when it gets cold out, that small animals seek housing and sometimes your the somebody skinny that can crawl under your house?
Have you talked to your roommate about this? Does she/he smell it?
we just decided to let it be its her life and we just let it go for now
sometimes thats best...
I am sorry to suggest something potentially insulting, but is anyone "obese" in the house? I have heard of a fungus that grows in between the folds of fat that has a distinct odor when someone is obese and does not wash regularly, but more research may be needed on that.
Is the odor concentrated in one place? I've had a mouse and another time a bird that came in through the dryer vent and died. Anything that came out of the drier stunk as did the room that the dryer is in. Definite smell of death!
The smell did go away after we cleaned it.
hey DT Our room mate is the one whos is over obese iam glad u point it out thank u very much she only spends a few minutes in the shower like 3 minutes if that is time to clean in each roll of loose skin when she ended up in the hospital last year at this time the nurses has to bath her well before they could get close to her the B.O COMING OFF OF HER WAS BAD she had fungus under the skin layers so it might be that as well
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I don't want to sound insensitive, but if I were you, I'd be looking for another roommate. Just for health and sanitary reasons. I would not want to be around fungas. Serious infections can spread like they do in hospitals. I may be overreacting, but I have a comprimised immune system and I'd be careful. Maybe she needs to get some help with bathing if it is hard for her.

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