How much attention is given to daily dressing and hygiene care in assisted living facilities?

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It all depends on the facility and how much they care about their patients. Some assisted living facilities charge one rate for everything no matter how much assistance a resident needs. Others nickle and dime on a fee-for-service basis.

My Mom's in a nursing home with a roomate and they have a set routine every morning - up, toilet, wash hands and face, rinse teeth, brush hair, dress and to breakfast. A couple of aides work with both mom and her room mate at the same time so it goes quickly.

As far as nursing homes go, if i saw my mom sitting in her night clothes with unkempt hair and nasty dentures - I'd have a come-so-jesus meeting with the staff (family conference) then call the state and report abuse. Finding a resident in such a state means that 1 - they don't have enough staff, or 2 - she'd been ill and it should have been reported to you. Calling ahead only means it;s done before you visit - such care should be provided DAILY.

Regarding daily showers or baths, this isn't a good idea for elderly people. Their skin becomes quite thin and delicate, easily dries out and can be damaged by too much moisture.
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Hi Capecod,

I hate to say it, but I don't think much time is spent on daily care or personal hygiene, unless it happens to be a shower (maybe more time is given). The first time I went up to the Nursing Home to visit my MIL (it had been 3 weeks)--her hair wasn't combed & her front teeth looked like
she had cavities (gray color) running up & down thru her front teeth. She didn't have her day clothes on (even though it was 3 pm). I saw her a week later, and her front teeth didn't look like cavities were running up & down the teeth.

Maybe, call ahead & they'll make sure to dress her & give her extra-special care (but I really would expect to not have to ask them to make sure 'this and that' is done).
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Hands on assistance with dressing and hygiene is an extra charge and each facility will be different on the amount of time allocated for it.
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