Where does one look to find assisted living facilities that accept Medicare?

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Where does one look to find facilities that accept Medicare? Do some accept a limited number of people? Where does one look to find an acceptable assisted living facility? My father just diagoned with early alzheimers at 87 and mother 83 taking care of him. Is in home care an option?

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Your local ALZ assoc. should be able to give you some referals.
Also your local Area on Aging
The Eldercarelink can give you info too.
All worthy organizations that can help you.
Remembered....medicare.gov has lists and ratings for your local too.
Medicare does not pay for assisted living. In some states, there are Medicaid programs that help pay the cost of assisted living. Your Area Agency on Aging should be able to provide this information.
We have asst living places here in Oregon that take Medicare, but not all will. I would get out the phone book, look for your area, and just start calling places and ask.

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