How can I get someone to assist my father with taking his insulin?

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can he take care of himself.... cant you just get in home supportive services to have someone go over there.... can you go at lunch ... how old ... how far from you...need more info
For the most part he can take care of himself...if he chooses too. He is being stubborn and not eating properly therefore his diabetes is not under control. He is loosing his vision because of the sugar he consumes. He knows this and does nothing to change his diet...I don't know where to start looking for the 'supportive services' and are there any that take medicare?
He takes insulin twice a day...I work 12 hour shifts(5pm -5am) 3 days one week, four days the next as does my husband (1pm-1am) Monday through there is no way we can make it over there every day to do this for him.
he is going to fight this every step of the way....
There are other siblings that live in the same state, but....of course they do nothing....
Some adult day programs have nurses who will administer or help administer prescribed medications. Short of being in a nursing home, an adult day program may be helpful?
Thanks for the help, I appreciate it and I appreciate a place like this where I can see that I am not alone in the 'stuff' that I have to deal with. :)

Does anyone know how do I go about searching for someone to administer meds?
If I do a google search, what do I search for? Adult assistance....Adult care....nurses....I can't seem to find the correct terms for searching on the net to find the assistance that I need.
Hi, illumstation! You're in the right place here at Aging Care. Try this URL and follow the prompts by entering the requested information, including your zip code. I believe the category you are needing falls under "home care," which would include the administration of prescribed meds.

At what times during the day does your Dad need to have his insulin injections administered. For maybe a couple of years, as a part-time caregiver who worked full-time, I administered Mom's insulin injection before I left for work, then 1 before her bedtime. Back then she only needed those 2 injections daily. When it increased to a third shot, I would call her at lunch time and remind her to take her injection - while I stayed on the phone talking to her until she confirmed she had self-administered her middle of the day, or early afternoon shot.

That was when she only needed 3 injections...and the beat goes on...for us caregivers. Like the rest of life, something new is always on the horizon. Hope you find what you need!


Thanks for the response and the URL, I will go over there and check it out. :)
He needs to take one in the morning and one at night...well he used to.
He just was in the hospital for the past couple of days...first we thought CHF, then phenomena and now we found out it is because he doesn't need to take as much insulin in the AM as he has been taking. He was doing what the doc told him, but obviously that has changed in the past couple of years. He passed out from too much insulin....when the ambulance got there his sugar was 49! we are in process of cutting back his insulin and readjusting day at a time. Thanks again.
tell his doctor to prescribe him home care services so a trained home health aid/ visiting nurse services can come and inject his insuline and examinate his blood sugar everyday.

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