paulac1258 Asked December 2010

Are there support groups in Ocean, CO that I can go to? I need help with my mom who is in the later stages of Dementia and Alzheimer's.


I have been very stressed and burnt out from being mom's care taker shes taking a big toll on my life i need to get to get to a group

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dotsi Dec 2010
Please call your local alzheimers foundation chapter,Your local hospital, church or senior center. If you have friends/family/neighbors, Anyone ! Who can give you a 'time out',call them. I am a very strong, determined, Irish American nurse,who took care of my Mom for 10 years. NOTHING stopped me,until Alzheimers brought me to my knees.I didn't ask for help when i should have , and now I'm paying the price.Alzheimers is an exhausting and very isolating disease. There is help, there are groups, you MUST make time for yourself and get help. I assume you mean Ocean Cty near Tom's River ? if so , try your local group,and if no results, try the nycity or staten island chapters for a referral. I will pray for you both. God Bless and good luck.Let us know how you make out.
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