Where can a senior go online to apply for VA Aid and Attendance?

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Help me find a good resource or website to make my senior relative feel comfortable to apply for the VA Aid & Attendance pension. My senior relative feels that due to her assets and lack of understanding about the VA pension programs she might be doing something that is illegal or immoral. She has some money and Social Security to live on but she could use some extra money to help pay for needed Home Health care. She does not want to go to a nursing home. She does not want to go on Medicaid. Her biggest fear is the fear of the unknown. She needs to find a good agency, educational company or an individual that helps senior understand this program. Thank you.

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You've probably tried, va.gov. If not, please go over the site carefully. Other sites, including www.veteransaidbenefit.org can be helpful. Your local Veterans representative should be a big help. Call the nearest Veteran's Administration office to find out the phone number. Your relative should look into this benefit. She may or may not apply yet, but if not now, she may in the future. Please push through to see if she does.
i would go to the local va center. schedule an appointment with the therapist. he/she will help your relative understand and trust the process better. it helped my husband alot.
www.veteranaid.org offers detailed information on a veterans’ pension
benefit called Aid and Attendance (A&A). If veterans require assisted living care in a community or at home this particular benefit can help them afford that care and we give them the information they need to apply for the A&A benefit themselves.

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