1234michele Asked October 2010

My dad is in the 4th stage of Alzheimer's. His hands are shaking bad and his ankles are swelling. Is this his medications or the disease?


My dad is fourth stage altzhiemers and we have had the meds cut back in the last month. He was over medicated to where he just wanted to sleep all the time and was not eatting. But now his left hand shakes really bad and if I hold that hand he pulls it away after just a minute so it's a figit thing. He also scratches at his head and hands always has but now it's worse. He is also started to swell. His ankles and feet, he also has a pocket of water on his left side on his back. The dr rubbed over it and didn't notice it but were watching for change. Will medical socks help his feet or do we need to do more. Could this all be the medicatioin or the disease.

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castoff Oct 2010
Take him back to the doctor or find another doctor to help you. Talk to the doctor about your concerns.
Cutting back on the meds was not the answer.
Go to the ALZ website & educate yourself. The ALZ assoc. also has more information.
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