haybill Asked April 2012

What can aid and attendance be used for?


My mother was approved for the VA aid and attendance benefit. Is there a complete list of what this can be used for? What I seem to find always ends with "and more". What is the and more.

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EXPERT Carol Bradley Bursack Apr 2012
The most complete answers will come through the VA. The website www.va.gov should get you to the information you need. I believe that you can get help with many medical and health care needs, so please check the site.
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diavalon12 Apr 2012
You can go to the va website and request a VA 2012 booklet that should answer alot of questions. But basically anything that is medical related including transportation to and from. Also for paying someone to help them. Try the website it is amazing how much info you can get from it. Good luck to you.
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lese1254 Jun 2012
It can be used for anything needed to care for you parent. I was assisted with everything from how much could be received to reviewing the application before submitting. I had to submit the amount paid for day care, CNA, amount paid to medicare or medicaid, and a few more things, my fathers discharge papers, death certificate marriage certificate. The rep helped me though the whole process.
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