How can I get respite help when caring for two adults at home without spending my savings?

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B - After reading your profile, I suggest that you contact your local Area Agency on Aging to see if they can find some way to help you with your mom. It all depends on WHO's savings you're talking about - hers or yours. The state will expect that you spend HER money on her care and once it's spent down to $2000-2500, they will help through medicaide. For you and your husband, the same situation will apply BUT because it's joint property, you as the spouse should be able to keep half the savings and a home - that' a general statement and it all depends on the laws in your state. there are other tax implications too but it depends on how much you make and whether your mom can be considered your dependent.
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If it is their savings you need to spend the money for their care if they do not have savings then they will qualify for medicaide we are not responsible for our parents cares as we would be for a spouse-even if they are at home they can get medicaide to have someone come into their home for home care. Call your local office of the aging to find out what care can be provided for them.
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