If I am receiving Social Security would it affect my income if my mother who also receives SS moved in with me?

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I get SS/Dis and am buying my home, my elderly mother would like to move in with me, but I heard it will take away some of my income because she draws 1400 a month..she owns her own home and is wanting to sell it, she can no longer live alone..

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maryann - It is my understanding that neither one of you will lose anything. You are both independent and would just be living in the same home. I believe this would only affect her if she had to spend down her assets to receive Medicaid. Go to the SS site and read up or just give them a call. They are very helpful.
No, Maryann, both of you will continue to receive your S S checks, just as you always have.
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As a former SSA claims rep I can tell you not to worry. SSA benefits are not needs based. You are entitled to your benefits
Read the above 3 answers. They are all right. Next question?
My mom came to live with me 8 years ago. Since then I have been taking care of her. I am not well myself, but I do the best I can. She is a lot of company for me.
We both get SS and we live off of that. Since I take care of her I'm not working and depend on her check and mine to pay the bills and our expenses. If something happens to her, her check will stop and I will not be able to pay the expenses with my SS check alone. Is there anyway that SS might let me still collect her check being that I am her daughter and took care of her?

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