Where can I find adult pampers for a small woman?

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My elder is a very small woman who needs to wear full briefs for her incontinence. Unfortunately, the smallest size we can find is still to large for her tiny legs. They do not seal well around her legs and that defeats their purpose. She has become housebound mainly because of her embarrassment as nothing seems to give her complete security.
I was wondering if there are any recommendations other caregivers have found to resolve this problem. I've wondered what hospitals do for their small patients (young or old) who are too big for toddler sizes but not big enough for small adults. Any help would be much appreciated!

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My Mother is also very tiny. I have found night time pull-ups for girls work very well. You can also put an absorbent pad inside for extra protection.
They are called "Goodnites" size L/XL. Fits sizes 8 - 14. I buy them by the case online. They kind of look like underpants, which is a little less embarrassing for the elder.
Mother's (101) are supplied by Hospice. The size S-M works for her 94 lb. frame.
My parents have theirs shipped to them on a standing schedule and get them pretty cheap. HDIS inc? I have the number here too if anyone is interested... They aren't the kids ones, but I think they come in a large range of sizes.....
TENA brand protective underwear
Try childrens "pullups" then put an xtra pad in the panty. They might be less expensive too.
AC if this is kinda a Goldilocks situation (you know bed/panty # 1 is too big; bed # 2 is too long; panty #3 is too short), you might try getting a roll of wide MicroPore - this is a 3M product and can be hard to find, I get it at Drug Emporium - and use the MicroPore to tape between the diaper panty and area where it gaps open and leaks. Micropore is a very soft and thin pliable skin tape but sturdy without pulling on the skin like a bandaid or other adhesive. It's not a long term solution but could be used till you find just the right panty or pull-up. Good luck.
also check with your local Senior Services they will either give them to you or reimburse you for what you spend
Thanks Everyone, some great leads here. I'm sure we'll find something that offers a better fit.

Many thanks to everyone,
Metro Medical makes Adults/youth. they fit my Mom great and she wears a size 8 clothes. Other diapers were too big that you get in a regular store and these fit her like underwear. When she got better I bought her washable underwear that have antibacterial pads built into them like a diaper only they are cotton and can be washed up to 200 times.

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