I need work life balance; does an adult day care actually work for anyone?

a local Assisted Living Center will intergrate my mom into their activities

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Adult day care programs can be a god-send for caregivers, if you can find a good one in your area. You can take elderly parents there during the day while you run errands, work, clean the house, or just take a break from caregiving. We have a Local Care directory that can help you find an adult day care in your local area. Here's a link:
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First, I've never posted on this site before....so your question has really drawn me in to want to answer. I am my mothers caregiver, she lives with me and my spouse. The first 9 months or so she was able to stay alone while I worked. However, I knew that was drawing to an end quickly. I started looking for an answer where I wouldn't have to quit my job, I'm working towards retirement and don't want to be a financial burden on MY children. Mo has a small retirement so she is financially ok at this time, she has dementia, she is not a social person (never really was). With all that said I needed an answer of how to care for her when I was at work. I finally came upon an adult day care center. Toured it, met some staff, took a friend with me. To the point, I enrolled my mom for 2 days a week to start and ease her into it. It took some adjustment, but the staff is very caring, courteous, concerned. There is a nurse on staff, program aides, cna, activity director. They took the time to get to know her and ease her into the social activities. After about 4 months she started going every day. It has been my life saver, now she actually looks forward to going. It is part of her routine. She now gets bored on weekends because I don't plan out activities all weekend.😉 I would definitely encourage you to seek this option out. My mom gets 2 meals, a safe environment, activity, social structure, and I have peace of mind so that I can be productive at work. The center also has a lot of reference materials and are great to talk to about mom's mental status. They have the experience behind them and come to know the members and are a great help. I don't feel so alone now. I enjoy dropping her off and picking up because I've come to know several of the center members and they are lovely people. It helps if you, too, have involvement beyond just dropping and picking up. My mom's center is great and I highly recommend that option. Price wise it is much cheaper than in home care and she has a social arena, she is not alone either. Good luck.
My situation is slightly different than yours in that my mother doesn’t live in my house. The adult day care didn’t work for me or my mother, but fortunately I was able to find an alternative. The day care service was not attentive to my mother’s needs or so she says. It seemed like trying to mix oil and water and created more stress for me. I soon realized that being in her own home and the comfort of those surroundings was very important to my mom.
I found mymar site to be the solution for me. I got the 4 times per day reminder service for her. It keeps me off of the phone with mother during working hours and has allowed my work performance to get back to a level that I haven’t had in years. I liked the fact that it has a money back guarantee. It is a medication administration reminder service, but it has a strong focus on wellness also. My mom loves that the service keeps her focused on medication requirements, eating, and rest while she gets to enjoy the comforts of being home. It has really reduced the amount of caregiver stress that I was dealing with. The service was so impressive that my Uncle Bill purchased their Diabetic Management plan to keep him attentive to all of his medication and lifestyle needs. Hope this helps

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