How do I address my sister-in-law about her terrible health?

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Sisterinlaw is in terrible health,missing right leg diabetes,depression and circulatory issues. She lives with her sister whom is too lazy to clean the feces all over,kitchen had the feces all over the floor animals are neglected and filthy I don't know how she can bathe herself. The bathroom looks like it is never cleaned. The house is unsafe healthwise for her to live in. I am willing to give the address to adult or elderly healh care people organizations to investigate.I am very concerned for her emotional and mental well-being

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Most likely you should call your adult social services people and report the home. This is a situation that should probably be addressed by professionals. Stand by to lend support if you are asked. Good luck and thanks for caring,
Absolutely call adult social services. If you care for her, and are concerned for her welfare, by all means help her. You didn't say whether or not she realizes the conditions under which she is living and accepts them. If she realizes that she is being neglected, she may be open to getting help, but don't know how to go about getting help. prepared either to confess, when she asks if it was you who called, or don't tell another soul you have. Chances are low that she will consider called APS "helpful" -- even though it is the right thing to do. When it gets as bad as you describe, it needs intervention to change the baseline. She is lucky to have you, even if she doesn't know that.
You should also get this person reported for animal neglect. This sounds like a place not fit for the dogs, let alone your poor invalid sis-in-law. They're lucky to have you as someone who won't turn her back and ignore neglect. Kudos to you!
Sounds like your sister-in-law's sister has problems too. Why would she be 'lazy' enough NOT to pick up dog poop? There's a problem there too.

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