My mom needs an elevated toilet that is 18 inches to the rim. Where can I find an "adapter" type product that won't leak?

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I would replace the existing toilet with a taller one. I have a 17" toilet and love it. I believe they go up to 19" tall.
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Lilliput is right, the adaptors are messy - as you probably know... hard to clean easily and can slide around if your elder is heavy. Replacing the toilet is the best idea...
I agree. The problem is I haven't been able to find a toilet 18" to rim. Does anyone know of the company or product name that makes one? Home Depot, Lowe's has 17".
My mom has a potty chair that can be put directly over the toilet with a little adjusting, the heighth can also be adjusted, look into that. Prescricption written by doctor to be purchased at the home health store.

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