What do young 74-year-olds do? Senior activities are very boring.

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Since you said you are interested in traveling, maybe you can do that with some tour groups that specialize in seniors and women who need travel companions. First take a look at to see if you find anything interesting there. If not, try or other groups that cater to women who want to travel with friends. For non-travel activities, That is a place to meeting people in your area who have similar interests. They have gatherings such as dinners, dancing, etc. There may not be any for your area if it is small, but you can even start your own group if you want.
Look into your local senior citizen center, the one in my area go on trips twice a year and do other things that may interest you. They also volunteer at different organizations. Do anything you enjoy it will keep you feeling young.
Both sides of my family are very long lived (100 or older) and at 53, I expect to be active for maybe 50 more years. I am a vegan , exercise, and take good care of my health so I will be able to.

My grandfather did a lot of travel in his 80's and 90's, some with seniors and some not. I can recommend you check out ElderTreks at who both offer trips pretty much everywhere on the planet. I also suggest Rick Steves tours. Visitfor details. He has loads of seniors on his trips. Another good source of travel info for all ages is Budget Travel Magazine. Visit their site at or buy a copy of their magazine at the bookstore.

Want to do good while you travel? There are hundreds of organizations that welcome elders to work in places in the USA and the world. One of my longtime favorites is Earthwatch. Check them out at Many of Global Volunteers' travelers are over 60. Check them at

Study is also great to keep your mind free from dementia. I have a friend who is in a PhD program-something he dreamed of for years but only began pursuing when he enrolled to get his bachelor's degree at age 65. He is your age and in a PhD program having finished his bachelor's and master's. You can get a degree or take a few courses and most states let students take individual courses for free.

If you like cruising, sign up with a cruise line to teach a course while on board in something you are interested in (birdwatching, watching the stars, speaking, cooking) and get your trip either free or at a huge discount.

You can also do volunteer work where you live. Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Girl Scouts, tutoring kids or teaching adults to read, helping out at animal shelters, being a museum docent, volunteering at the library, and more is waiting for you.
Why do potential activities necessarily have to be "senior activities"? Would you mind traveling with younger people, too? What are you interested in? Are there things you have always been interested in that you would like to continue doing? Do you have any disabilities or problems that make you even THINK of nursing homes or assisted living? (That is, do you think of yourself as "old"? Do you have a label on you that says "senior"? Do you feel restrained by some kind of requirement to "act your age" or fit a mold?) From your postings I see you have family responsibilities, but as was already mentioned, you may still have several decades ahead of you. You can do things for others for their rewards (which I'm not knocking), but you can also go ahead and do what you really want to do without justifying it to anyone--you have already been giving so much to your family that you've "earned" some time for yourself. (Example--If you're finding that church is boring, why bother going there?) Give yourself permission to have fun. In any case, I hope this is of some help, and best wishes.
I go to assisted living facilities and entertain them by singing Karaoke with them.
Have your assisted living facility call a local Karaoke group to come and entertain you and make a sing along hour. If you are not in a facility, start going to a Karaoke place and start practicing. OR buy a system for yourself and START singing. It is very entertaining and a lot of fun. You can be nostaligic and pretend you are anyone on the planet. I pretend that I am Marilyn Monroe, Patti Page, Bette Midleer, Martina McBride, Striesand, etc. We've even done recitals for malls at Christmas. This is a wonderful thing to make your spirit alive and well.
Eddieboyangel, just don't pretend to be Sarah Silverman! (In case you haven't seen it, she has a video where she performs in a nursing home setting.)

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