What activities can someone with shaky hands from Parkinson's disease do at home?


My mother has Parkinson's and her hands shake a lot. What activities can she do at home to help with her boredom?

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Have you contacted the Parkinson's organization? Look in your phone book to see if there is something local and go on the Web. There are many sites focusing on Parkinson's.

As with any degenerative disease, patience is the key for the caregiver. Your mother is no doubt frustrated with her shaking. Depression may set in. Music and other activities that don't require her to use her hands can still add enjoyment to her life.

Meanwhile, we have several people here who have loved ones with Parkinson's so we will see what they have to say. Please keep checking in.

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ABLEDATA has tons of products listed for arts and crafts, games, reading, and other activities. They are made for limited mobility, limited vision, and a host of other functional limitations. Each listing includes manufacturer and pricing info:


Hope that helps!!

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I notice when mom was the assiting living a soft blanket was given to this resident who has Parkinson's and seemd to calm her down. Whenever I went to visit my mom, which wa every day I went to say high to her, she always felt the softest of the blanket and calmed down. Music or siging a little song with her might help too. patrica61
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If your Mother is able, she can dry dish and dusting is great for shakey hands. My husband has PD(10yrs) and I have him fold small articles of clothing(socks, etc.) it also gets his mind working when he has to match the socks:)
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