My wife is suffering from lung cancer, what are some activities that she can do at home during the day?

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what would you advise for a wife who has cancer and need something to do at home during the day?she is 66 pretty active. in a small apartment with nothing to do all day.she does not know the computer and she would not enjoy it any way.

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Check with your local Retired Senior Volunteer Service (RSVP). They are wonderful and provide so much service for elders. They are very flexible and most even provide rides. They need all kinds of help from office help to sitting with an elder.

Keep active and helping others. It's great for all. And the best of wishes for your own health problem.
Art is a great expression of oneself. So many different mediums. Water color, clay, scrapbooking is popular now.
You could go to a craft store & whatever you see that peeks your interest......multitudes of ideas there.
Reading is always good. 2nd hand book stores are great.
Depending on your limitations....volunteers are needed for a variety of talents.
I wish you the best.
If you don't know what her interests are, walk through a craft store and see what she is interested in. Join some 'craft' classes at Michaels or Joann fabrics! Class schedules are posted online on the respective websites, or look for local classes offered at senior centers or recreation centers.

Start small, and let creativity flow!

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