I am looking for activities in a day care setting for an elderly man who has become housebound.

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I live in the United Kingdom where elders have access to Age UK where for $10 a year we can join in many different classes and activities. I am looking for activites in a day care setting for an elderly man who has become housebound and lacking in confidence because he is quite isolated where can I get information fo what is on offer in Brooklyn, here in the UK I attend Age UK where for a very small sum of money I can join in Yoga and many other activities and outings

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Are you looking for activities or an adult day care facility?

Here are some adult day care articles that might help give you some insight to what we typical have in the US. I hope these help.

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where are the facilities for retired people who would like to join in activities with other seniors, yoga, Tai Chi learning IT skills going on outings etc. I can only find day care for seriously geriatric people to help their carers, in the UK we can join Age Concern for $10:00 a year we can then join any activity that interests us

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