Will Medicaid help pay for a caregiver?

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In some cases it will. If the person is on Medicaid, you should check with the administrators. Medicaid is a mix of federal and local money so each state is different. Try the State Web site and look under "aging services" or something similar, if you want contact information (local).
I am wondering how I can be a funded caregiver
How do I go about finding out if my brother-in-law's medicaid will me a stipend for being his caretaker?
You can call social services but it sounds like he needs more care than one person can do by themselves-I have heard of family being paid to care for the sick elder but do not know how that works-but would you be able to do it 24/7-it might be better to apply for medicaide and you work outside the home and place him in a NH when he gets medicaide-but start with social services and get him assesed and go from there.
My husband is 40 and has had a long history of heart disease. He has been declared disabled and has been so due to passing out at any time. The doctors feel it is due to lack of oxygen to his brain. At any rate, in lieu of the fact, I obtained a CNA certificate to help out with home treatment upon his release from the heart center. I am worried about him being alone while I go to work. Is there any way for me to receive a paycheck while caring for him at home?
Talk to your BIL's case worker.
Im in ohio,, Kittyn i will email u when i get home tonight
We were told by a Home Care agency if my husband was on medicaide we would get care for him paid for but at the time I felt they were pushing us to get Medicaide so we would not use their overstrssed agency-a elder lawyer would know the rules if you call medicare or medicaide you may not get the correct answer ahich is what happened when I called medicare twice and got different answers both times.
That is what im doing now, i have to get certified first as a nurses aide
my husband is on medications, must be fed at certain times to control his diabetes and also help control his heart condition. He is 40 and has recently had a triple by-pass. His first heart attack was at age 28

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