Will Medicare pay for treatment if you are terminal?

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If you are on medicare they will. If the Dr. says the life expectancy is 6 months or less they can get you on hospice which will get you help at home and medicare will pay for it.
Medicare is paying for my mother's limited medical treatment under Hospice but they do not pay for certain medications like those for blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome and an anxiety drug she's taken for years because she is considered "terminal" but her private health insurance coverage pays for them after a co-pay. Medicare/Hospice is also paying for all the diapers and blue pads which is a very big expense.
Medicare will not pay for therapy unless there can be improvement. I would look into what Hospice pays in your area. I have heard, that if someone on Hospice gets pneumonia, for example,that they will not treat the pneumonia, only keep the person comfortable. I have also known Hospice to provide a wheelchair.
If you are refering to 'end of life' care and treatment-the answer is YES! My Mom was given this by Hospice-
Yes, Medicare pays for your medical treatment until you die, but you must be enrolled as a Social Security recipient and be enrolled in Medicare. If you have a Supplemental Plan, they will also pay until you die if you keep up the monthly payments to them.
yes, in the case of als at least i know that after you are getting s.s. disablilty , you must pay spend down payments and if you go to a hospital they will pay for that also . which can be very expensive if you are every in icu.

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