Where can my mother go besides a nursing home at the age of 52?

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My mother is 52 years old and suffered from multiple strokes over two years ago. She has cognitive impairment, multiple diagnoses, takes over a dozen medications daily, wears depends and cannot carry out self-care. She does not understand money and has lost many memories. She also gets very confused. She wants to leave and has convinced the doctor to discharge her, but nor I or my sister have the ability to care for her full time. Her medical bills and nursing care have eaten away at her life savings and there is nothing left. There are no assisted living facilities or elder programs in the area that accomodate persons her age.

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She can go to a NH or do you not want her in one?The one my Mom is in is great and it's all ages, not just very old and not all of them have dementia.
I'm sorry about your mother. That is tragic.
I would consider a memory care center with hospice support until her funds run out. At that point you will have to place her in a skilled nursing facility that takes medicaid. In our town, there are several reputable places in that category. I have been in them many times and had my grandmother in one for several years.

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