Where can I get reasonably priced adult diapers or Depends?

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I've read where some Web sites for certain products give you breaks if you show a need. I don't know details. Anyone out there who does?
RiteAid drugstores have a program for caregivers for supplies that are used on a regular basis.
Other than that, I have found the best prices at K-Mart when these items are on sale. They have a "buy 4 get the 5th free."
Most online stores are just as expensive as the regular price at stores.
I don't know if you have a CVS, but I went in there looking for bed protectors and walked out with a huge supply of... everything.. their store brand depends was $6. Of course, they were on sale, but even at regular price they were still $2 cheaper AND they weren't cheap quality. Very sturdy!

Also, remember to keep all receipts as they are tax deductible!

Lilliput, I'm going to go check out rite-aid asap, thanks for that tip!
CVS does have a good brand of depends but it seems no one likes them but me, that's alright I use them up but I can't find them for $6.00 however they were on sale for $10.99 along with the regular depends, (adjustable straps which is what I use because it's like a diaper) and they are sometimes on sale for $10.99 too. I'm in Calif where everything is more expensive anyway.

There is also a company called Shields, that sells disposable products and they take medicaide and medical. If you don't hve that you could still check with them for pricing. I'm not sure if they're just in Calif. or not but maybe go on line and see.
cvs, rite aide stores do not stock size 68 inch pullup diapers because they say they are not in demand can anyone tell me who has these products local or must I go online. These store will not even consider special ordering them and previously I always purchased them there.
Rite Aid has very good incontinent supplies. Very often they have buy one get one free or half price. I usually stock up during the sales.

Definitely shop around, but think about buying in bulk. Google search "wholesale adult diapers." Whatever you get might not be as "hip" as Depends or other brands, but as long as they stay on and don't leak you should be ok.

By the way, love your user ID. ... No offense, but this coming Xmas I'm leaving for the Amazon (Manaus, Brazil) in search of my inner psycho. Want to swing from trees again, feed the piranhas, harass the nuns at my old school. Do things that here in the States would be considered a mental disorder. I want to be "normal" again, and recover some of the fun that caregiving took away.

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