Where I find programs that will pay me to take care of my paralyzed mother who needs constant care?

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Seabreeze, call your local office aging and adult services, they have tons of information and resources to help you!!
Some states, like North Dakota, have a program where they will pay you for taking care of an invalid parent or family member. Unfortuantely some of them have income requirements (you have to be below a certain income level). Mother and I did not qualify because of mom's income from Social Security and a Veteran's pension. Not enough money to pay for full-time care, but over the income limit for financial help. She is in the nursing home now, on Medicaid after spending down all her assets and cashing in life insurance policies. I am the only family member not working full-time, so I did all the caregiving full-time for five years, then got burned out and mom needed more care than what I could give her at home. I did get some assistance from the local Senior Citizens Center and a special fund to help pay for minimal respit care. We got a hot meal delivered every day which we paid for, it really helped a lot not having to prepare a big dinner in the evening. Now am I at my sister's and waiting on everybody else and cooking dinner, I really miss those home delievered meals now.

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