What to do when Medicaid is cancelled?

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My father died in Feb. 2012. My mother draws from him so now she receives his SS. I should be happy her income doubled but WRONG it will cost her to receive the benefits she was receiving. She had caregiving and meds paid for now it will cost her more to get these every month than what she received in her increase in SS, She will have less to actually live on. We were also looking into long term care and now they say she doesn't qualify because of the over limit amount of 102.00. She has dementia and is losing her ability to walk, and has nothing other than her SS. Any advise??

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OK, is it the case that your mom qualifies for Medicaid in every other way BUT for being $ 102.00 over her states "income" limit for Medicaid? In other words, she qualifies for being medically necessary for Medicaid and all her other "assets" are at or below $ 2,000.00 or are on the "non-countable" asset list (home & car) so she qualifies financially for Medicaid?

INCOME: If it is that every month they are over the states income limit BUT not enough to pay in full for the NH and qualifies for NH in every other way, then they can see an elder care attorney to do a "Miller Trust" or a "Qualified Income Trust".

Say mom gets 1K from SS & 1,500K from retirement every mo. Income=$2,500. Basically $ 500 over ceiling for monthly income to qualify for Medicaid. No matter what is always is $500 over. So this excess $ 500 is what funds the trust and therefore mom’s income is now 2K and within the states income ceiling for Medicaid. The beneficiary of the trust is state's Medicaid program and upon death reverts to the state. The state gets all the extra money, family has NO say on this. Miller really has to be done by an attorney who does elder law as it needs to be flexible/adaptable and meet the criteria of each state's law on probate (death laws) & Medicaid rules.

Again, Miller HAS to be done by an attorney who knows how to do these so that it can pass Medicaid review and be flexible. If you go on the cheap on this, you could find yourself having to re-do the trust every time the amount of $ received changes as she will be disqualified once the state receives any documentation of changes in $.

For your mom, the $ 102.00 a month funds her trust. Understand?

With NH costs averaging 5K a month, spending the money on an elder law attorney is one of the best Mothers Day gifts you can give your mom!
My medicaid reinstatement was cancelled by my Social worker because she said I failed to prove how I made enough money to pay my rent. I gave her 8 letters from people who had helped me with my rent I was "gifted" by them, but I have not heard back from her, nor will she respond to my inquiries! I have asked for a Fair Hearing, if I lose the hearing CAN I RE-APPLY FOR MEDICAID AND START AGAIN FRESH?
My medicaid was cancelled and I was not advised in letter form or by phone
I have called medicaid and no return calls to give me a reason why I have no coverage.
I am on social security and work part time. I recently had my Medicaid cancelled because of my income. I won't be eligible for medicare for 2 more years. What should I do? I need some type of medical coverage in the meantime. Thank you.
Bringing this back to the top for October, 2017.
Why does this need to be revisited.? If there is a new question, please post it.
Wow my father is somewhat, in the same, but different boat. He was diagnosed with ESRD in May of this year 2017, was able to get on Medicaid, was recently enrolled into Medicare because his disease automatically qualifies him, he will also start receiving SSI disability in November of this year, but just received a letter in the mail stating that his Medicaid will be reduced to “family planning” and he will no longer have any of his Medicaid benefits!!!! Meaning he will no longer be covered for personal care, transportation, etc. a lot of these things that Medicare DOESNT cover, even though he is still below poverty line.. I am wondering (hoping) that we can get this fixed but also worried that he will be left without. I am grateful that he at least has Medicare to pay for his treatments but not sure why Medicaid was taken away so sudden as it’s supposed to pay for what Medicare doesn’t! Such a stressful situation. Hoping to get this resolved. Hoping that you all find a solution to your troubles as well. If anyone has any input or advice as to what we can do please let me know!
Appeal decision based upon he is "Medically Needy".
Appeal, appeal, appeal.
Financially, any unreimbursed medical expenses can be used to decrease his income and qualify him.

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