What do I do for husband when he is freezing and has a temp of 95.3?

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He is under a heart doctor's care for his heart condition. He is not throwing up, just freezing he says. The house is set on 80 degrees. He is out of breath when just walking to the bathroom or bathing. His appetite is fine. He does not exercise and is taking meds for depression. He is under a blanket, napping off and on.

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Can you call his doctor's emergency answering service and ask them to have the doctor call you back? If this is something new and you think he might be seriously ill, you might want to call 911. I have had paramedics come to check on my mother and they can do all the checks (BP, heart, etc) and advise if he needs to go to the emergency room.
I agree, if this is NOT the norm for your husband, then he needs to be seen by a doctor. And if his regular doctor doesn't see a problem, then I think a second opinion is in order. Nuts to this stuff.

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