What paperwork do I need to get done since I am now my mother's caregiver, Power of Attorney, etc?

She moved in about 2 yrs ago, I do not think she has a will, I know I need to get power of attorney, will what about a living will? I have 2 sisters that refuse to help and I want to make sure they can not swoop in if I have to put my mother in a living center when that time comes and make my life more difficult than it already is.

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Start with the POA. See an attorney if you are not comfortable doing it online. You will need one for medical and one for financial...these are different documents (ask that they give you several "official" copies). Whether she needs a will or not depends on what kinds of assets she has and whether they already have beneficiaries listed.
The POA will give you access to her accounts. Open a bank account for her for monthly expenses. I use an online account to keep track of things and pay bills. Saves so much time.

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