What makes dementia patients go to the bathroom in their clothes all of the time?

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Does the dementia patient not know when they need to go to the bathroom?

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Confusion is a great deal of it. The brain may not tell them all of the steps they need to take. First, that urge means. "I have to go to the bathroom." Then, "what - or where - is the bathroom?" Then, "now what do I do?" This seems simple to us, but it's a complex set of thoughts and if the brain isn't connecting, well, these steps may not happen.

Please try to understand, frustrating as it is, that the person is not doing this on purpose. Some lose the ability before others. It doesn't hurt to have the person checked for a urinary infection, however, because that can cause urgency than makes the problem worse.

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For my mom, she forgets until it's too late. By the time she realizes she needs to go, she'll have an accident on the way to the bathroom.

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