What in home care options are available to us and how can we finance through Veterans insurance as well as Medicare?

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Medicare doesn't generally pay for much in-home care except medical care (especially right after hospitalization). You'd have to check with your state and with Medicare for that. The VA does, in some areas, have in-home care to a point. But that depends on where you live. I'd check with the VA right away.
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Please check out this website. Veteran's who served in a Theater of War during certain time frames WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm are entitled to benefits if you meet certain criteria. Please share this information. You have to go through the process which includes getting a doctor's evaluation, etc., and it may take several months to go through... but it is well worth investigating! http://www.veteransaidbenefit.org/
Downbutnotout, was your husband a career military person, or did he serve during wartime? As long as he was not dishonorably discharged he is probably eligible for some help. If you tell us a little more it may help.

Are you currently receiving any assistance from your local dept. of aging?
I called medicare an they said his doctor would have to ask for home help they did not say for how long
when i take his back fo his check up i will ask, i just need some help
Plus don't forget to view the allowed IRS deductions . IRS Publication 502, Medical and Dental Expenses, available at www.IRS.gov, provides a list of allowable medical and dental expenses. Save receipts!
Would Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or Veteran's Widow Benefits pay for in home help for my step-mom in Harpster Idaho?
I too would like to know if there is pay for in home help for my Mom? If I stay home from work to care for my Mom, is there an amount she can pay me legally instead of strangers?
Husband is on medicare but need help taking care of him in home. He served in the Army but have no benefits from V.A. but can we receive benefit for care-giver?
Previous patient this year. How can I restart my home care?

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