What happens to seniors who have no money or assets to pay for care?

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My husband and I both have elderly moms. My mom has some assets and I have an appointment to speak with an elder care attorney about managing them so they are available to take care of her as long as possible. His mom has minimal to no assets. What happens to elderly people who have no monies for their care when they can no longer live independently?

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They generally go on Medicaid assistance. I would check with your local social services about your husband's mother and her needs.
You sound as though you are handling your own mother's assets very wisely. It's wonderful that you both have this caring and insightful mindset.
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nokijo, as Carol had written in the first answer "They generally go on Medicaid assistance". Get your Dad qualified with his State Medicaid office. They would look for nursing home for your Dad, it depends on how much physical help he would need. If he is able to get around, unfortunately Medicaid will not pay for Assistant Living.
Thank you for your response. I am fairly new to all of this (since end of January 2011). I have heard Medicaid picks up the medical but I heard they do not pay on other things like room and board. Our assets are very limited so it is important for us to know what is and is not available so we can make wise decisions now to insure our moms will have a roof over their heads.
I have to relocate and elderly father has no where to go and no money, what do I do?

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