What do I do when I suspect fiancial exploitation of an elderly parent?

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My stepmother, 82, has dementia. Her daughter (mystepsister) has power of attorney. POA has numerous unpaid bills for which she is responsible, in the tens of thousands of dollars. I live in a different state than they. I suspect that my stepmother is being financially exploited by her daughter and see a need to step in, but do not know what to do or how to proceed. I have limited income and cannot afford expensive legal assistance. What else can I do to ensure that my stepmother is not financially exploited?

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Call Adult Protective Services in your area.
I reported my sisters' financial abuse to the social worker at her senior program, and they were obligated to call Adult Protective Services, who then took legal action to have her conserved...all now I am "paying for" and the sisters got off scott free..not even a lecture. Just realize that you are reporting a possible crime. You could also "help" this woman arrange the bills so they are on auto pay. As fulltime caregiver, I am responsible for Mom's monthly allowance and pay smaller bills, food, gas, pet supplies, Rx's etc. The county handles (using MOm's money), the larger bills such as hospital, car and house insurance, senior program, respite caregivers, etc. Not all counties are good at this, and things can go amok there as well.
There are different ways Adult Protective Services (APS) can act and I failed to mention that there are numerous free law clinics that can advise the elderly. I am not attorney, so this is not legal advice. I have learned some things through experience. It seems prudent that ALL ADULTS (not just the elderly or sick) should grant a durable power of attorney (POA)for finances and health to someone they trust. God forbid anything happens (i.e. car accident, stroke) that incapicitates you, but if tragedy strikes the durable POA allows you to know your wishes are granted.
In the event there is NO POA and there are disagreements between family members about finances and health care, a Conservatorship may have to done. A conservatorship is basically a durable POA that is court approved because the incapacitated person (conservatee) cannot make that decision for themselves.
In the above case, it appears the county petitioned and was granted conservatorship.
Thank you! I want to give you both stars.
Exploitation of any kind is not to be tolaterated and especially being exploited by your own kin.
The issue could blow up in your face, however, doing something about it would be better than just worrying. You should contact the proper authorities in your country (Sorry, I am not familiar with the laws of your state, as I live in Singapore) and have this reported, however, before doing this, perhaps you should try talking to her about it and confirm things for yourself, before you take any legal actions.
God bless.
how can i find out my uncle receveing money to care for my grandparent but isnt doing nothing to care for them they been liveing alone for a year
is there any way to get poa because neglect from my uncle is pervideing care for my grandparents
Please contact your local (city and state specific) "Area on Aging and Disability" office. Most of the main cities have these offices--like Huntsville, Al., Birmingham, Al., Fayetteville, TN, etc.
I was the daughter left to "pick up the pieces". And I kick myself b/c I could have prevented it if I had not continued to let my mother and sister bully me. Now, I am just as "blown away" as the rest of the family.
But, please, please, please contact this organization-all services are free--before your situation proceeds. good luck to you.

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APS, does not have the capability of truly looking into their finances. I thought that they did and reported financial abuse for my father. The APS caseworker said that nothing was wrong and reported the case closed. The debt has risen another $10,000 since (only a few months). Luckily, I was able to obtain POA of my father and am gathering proof against his "girlfriend". As far as I am concerned, APS was a joke.
Can APS subpoena bank records, investments, etc. in investigating an Elder Financial Abuse case?

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