My mother's physician estimated that my mother has 6 months to live. What changes can I expect in her during the end-stages of lung cancer?

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I would encourage you to get hospice help. They will support you emotionally and care for your Mom physically. If you are not familiar with hospice ask the Dr for a referral. Hospice is committed to helping folks die with dignity. They are able to come to your home or hers. They can also offer support to you if your Mom is in the nursing home or needs to be where she can recieve 24 hr care.
I agree with Jaye - call hospice. We had a very good experience with hospice care for my mother-in-law however since that time, I have heard that apparently not all hospice providers are the same - some friends have had negative experiences. So talk to friends and get some referrals.
I have helped take care of folks with end stage lung cancer and everyone experiences it differantly. Hospice can help manage symptoms and pain. Hospice is a medicare benefit, so there is not an out of pocket expence. take care, I do wish you well... DeeDee
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The doc may have said 6 months because that means you can usr hospice -no one can say how lonf someone will live-hospice is a great idea I have only heard good things about it and if a person does live longer it can be extended
my mate passed away of cancer,it started in his bladdermoved to his brain and lungs. I agree with 195austin doctors aren't God and don't know'but hospice was very supportive to me and my daughter and was a God send.You can call them freaking out 24 hours a day and they will be there for you. They have also taught me about accepting death as a natural part of life,There was a peace about them.They help with the transition to heaven.The spirit and soul never die enjoy every moment here on earth with your mom.
I think 195austin is very right... Doctors are not God... However there are clear indications of someone's death being soon, if you have the knowledge and experience. I had the priviledge of caring for both my Grandparents, I was able to know with both of them. When my Grandma died her son(my Daddy) was on one side of her bed and I was on the other... she knew we were there and she knew we loved her, she died very peacefully. I have always been thankful that we were able to be with her and she knew she was loved!!!
My heart goes out to you. I agree that Hospice is wonderful and supportive.
My mother passed away three years ago of stage 4 lung cancer. She wanted to die at home.
I did my best, but in the end I had to have her admitted to the Hopspice facilty, as she kept falling. The cancer had spread to her brain.
Before she went to the facility, I noticed that she had stoped eating all together. I would try to spoon feed her yogurt and soft fruit. She also, slept most of the day.
When she was first admitted, she really did not know where she was, but she knew she wasn't at home. She fought with all her might to get out of bed.
It is diificult to say what to expect, because everyone is different, but not eating, sleeping are the beginning stages.
Hospice will give you a lot of support and advice. As much as they are there for the ill, they are there for the families.
God Bless.

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