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I used to live with my grandfather and he passed on me. Me and him had met an attorney so that i can be on his will, but his health started to get worse and my family realized that his memory wasn't what it was and talked him into taking me off of the will and they got put on instead. When he passed away, that is when i found out that this had happened. I didn"t get anything of his just a knitted blanket that he used to cover me up with. I was his power of attorney, used to withdraw and deposit money in and out of his account but when he passed away i tried to withdraw to help pay for his funeral i was told that i couldn't because the POA wasn't anygood anymore. It's been years but is there any way that i could withdraw and close his account. Maybe my dad can? Which is his son.....

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I also have POA for my mother-in-law, but as soon as she dies my job is done. The only ones that can do anything with her money, are the ones that are on her bank account with her. In other words, they are co-owners with her. So who ever, if anyone is listed on your grandpa's account with him, they are the only ones that can do anything with his money.

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