What can I do for my mother with Parkinson's Disease?

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My mother is only 59 with moderately advanced Parkinson's Disease. She has lost her job, and lives by herself 8 hours away from me, her nearest relative. Her handling of money has become increasingly irresponsible to the point that she has cut down or completely stopped her medication. She has isolated herself from almost everyone, and lied to me about getting help from disability services. I am 29, pregnant with my first child, and have no idea what to do.

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You mother may be able to apply for disability due to her Parkinson's Disease. Look in the phone book for help.

Try talking to her about seeing her doctor regarding her medication and the possibility she may be depressed.

Also, if she refuses any help, you can call Adult Protective Services in her area and notify them of your concerns. They may send a social worker to your mother's home.

Please be careful with your own mental health and health of your unborn baby. Stress can be very bad.
Treatment for Parkinson's has advanced in the last ten years. It's one of those conditions that has been blown away with the new meds. Your mother should be under treatment for this condition.
While you and she seek this treament, the physician should be informed of her attitude of non-compliance. Depression is suspected here. Her age, however, is NOT AN ISSUE. 59 is not "old", or even "elderly". The big issue is how to deliver those meds, by whom, how frequently..
You should be concerned about your own happiness, safety and upcoming parenthood. GOOD LUCK
My husband has Parkinsons and the neurologist put him on the drug caridopa-levo. I call it the miracle drug. At one point he could not get out of a chair, put a coat on, write a check, etc. now is is 97% better. It is worth looking into.
Depression is another issue to deal with. It is a tough disease to deal with. Good Luck. Duke
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I think you answered your own question: She lives ALONE, she has PARKINSONS, she is probably scared of whats happening to her and where she may end up. SHE NEEDS ATTENTION from her family,YOU and your siblings if any, You may want to stop being your mothers child and her neighbor to being her BEST FRIEND!.Just spend quality time with her she needs a Friend not a stranger! Instead of asking what she needs from the store, take her let her get her own things , rent a movie make some pop corn,laugh and joke, go for walks, LET her know through your doing not her asking that you are there for her any time,just like she was for you, Im sure she LOVES YOU AND NEEDS YOU!! Do not give up on her. Maybe that is what you can do for her. GOD BLESS YOU ! ! . HLPME2
My mother age of 78 is suffering from parkinsons desease since last four years. she has been taking madicine but she is suffering from side effects of the drug like dry throughts, constipesions etc due to this she does not want to take drug which creat lot of problem to our family. We are from under development country Nepal. I heard about the operation, can you suggest me how safe is to do the operation at this age and how expensive it is. Is there any organization who can support financially for this kind of financially weak patiant.
The medicine has dreadful side effects. It takes a month before the side effects start to subside. She needs encouragement to stay the course. Also money might be a factor. She might have concluded they weren't worth the cost.

When you get the diagnosis of a chronic horrible disease, like Parkinson's you go into shock, then she got whammied by losing her job. She needs time to rest and regroup. No harm will come to her if she doesn't take the medicine. It doesn't slow the progression; it simply mitigates the symptoms. Give her some time,

She should apply for Social Security disability. It isn't welfare or charity. She paid into this her working life, and is entitled to the benefits. There are disability lawyers, they are the best way to go. They get paid when you receive the SS. It is a long process, so get started now, as she will recieve payments retroactive to the month she filed.

I would give her time. Parkinson's can take years to become so bad that she will need asistence. However you will need to monitor the situation. Falls are your biggest problem. She needs to fall proof her house. She should also get her bones and muscles as strong as she can from aerobic exercise and weightlifting. You can learn how to fall and how to get yourself up.

HLPME2 said it best, you need to be there for her. Skype every couple days. 8 hours away, is too far, can she move closer to you? About the depression, I think having a new grandchild will snap her out of that. Learn everything you can about Parkinson's. Don't worry, things work out for the best. Enjoy your pregnancy and your new baby. The need and work for your Mom, comes farther down the road. Have faith in her, and her ability to cope.
my mom is in the bad stage of parkinons desease she cant swallow her salvis and food she needs a suction tube to she is 86 but very strong, i feel so helpless, and hurt can anyone please , help me on what i should do next god beiss.
kpl2015. Don't go it alone. Call social services. If you were on the South shore of Boston, Mass. It would be South Shore Elder Services. Read up on Parkinson's Disease, that's what I did. My mother went through it. I was her caregiver for 2 years until she could not swallow her food anymore and it was getting harder and harder for me to take care of her. I got an elder Law attorney. It was expensive but On my mother's behalf I applied to Mass Health. I reached out to a lot of people because no one in the family was going to help. Be your mother's best advocate. There's also adult day health ,but if her Parkinson's has progressed passed that point I got her into a nursing home and took her out every day and dropped her off at night, brushed her teeth, got her nightgown on and each night...we said I love you. Each day I would pick her up and take her out, Good luck and God Bless, it is so hard, it's not easy. I hope I helped...Just name sure you let her know you love her and enjoy each other's company, Be in the moment. My mother died one year ago, and it was crushing. I out her to bed and the next morning I went to pick her up and she had a bad cold that just kept getting worse. I miss her every day.

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