What are you doing to celebrate Mother's Day?

Here at AgingCare, we're talking about what we're going to do for our moms on Sunday. I'm gathering the whole family for dinner. Someone else is creating a special calendar, using different family photos for every month of the year. Another colleague lost her mother 2 years ago, but she's celebrating mom's life by spending a quiet day with her family, looking through old photos.

What are your plans?

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My 92 year old father, 62 year old husband and 20 yr old son get together and cook dinner for my 90 yr. mother and I. Our daughter joins in if she's home. Grandpa is in charge of the BBQ and usually, a from scratch strawberry pie! My husband does potatoes, veggies and hors d'oeurves and my son does a mean Caesar salad! I bring the champagne! And half the fun is watching them all work together in the kitchen!
This will be my first mothers day without my mom. But we'll get together and celebrate the other mothers in the family. Plus we're gonna throw in a birthday too.
Taking my mom (89 yrs old) as well as my wife's mom (83 yrs old) out to dinner with their grandchildren.
Our son is hosting us on Friday to spend the day with him and his wife,That will include breakfast ,Lunch and maybe dinner if it isn’t to late or to tiring for my dear wife
I will not do anything different. I dont like her & dont want to spend anymore time with her than I have to. She is a very inconsiderate,mean old demanding witch & I dont want to be around her!
Nancy H. This is my first year without mom as well. She passed away 3 weeks ago. I have the utmost respect for you for going on and spending it with family. I don't think I'm at that stage and think I will be home crying most of the day. My daughter wanted to take me out but I don't tihnk I can do it this year.
Deb, she can't be that bad. After all, she had you.. Try to remember the good times..as few as they may be.. she may not be around much longer.
I am taking my mother out to lunch today as I am unable to be with her tomorrow. My children and husband don't understand why I make the effort for the 2 hour trip when I am in constant pain and she could care less.

I guess it is because, in my heart, it is the right thing to do.

Deb, I just want to say "I hear you" and totally understand your sentiments. Such an open and honest post - that is what I love about this site - it is here to allow us to feel what we feel and be open about it. If I am honest with myself, your words are words I think; but wish I didn't. So again, I respect your honesty.

Have to go now and get mentally prepared for this visit. Usually when I arrive outside the nursing home; I have to sit and collect my thoughts and keep telling myself - this will be a good visit, this will be a good visit. It is my mantra; let's hope it works today!!!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!
Sorry I forgot to wish all of you a happy mom's day also. For the last 8 yrs I have to mentally prepare myself for her onslaught. She has alienated all relatives,friends & wont have anything to do with any help. She only cares about herself & her dog which is also housebound with her. I feel so sorry for "bella" cuz she cant take care of herself & mother just leaves her on the couch. I CAN SCREAM TO THE HIGH HEAVENS! Bella is 4yrs old & she is 83 & lives alone. No one in the family wants anything to do with her! She's nuts! Sorry for venting. I'll try & think happy thoughts. (yea right).
It will be just another day at this house. I got my mom a new out fit.But as far as food goes. Doesn't matter what I fix she wrinkles he nose at it and just picks at her food. I am having gallbladder problems so I have to really watch what I eat. My son got her a card. Me nothing, as usual. He led me to think he was getting me something but he had to buy a new windshield.Yes I'm disappointed and maybe a little hurt. I do understand needing the windshield he got a warning ticket.But I am still disappointed.

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