What are the side effects of a brain aneurysm and stroke even though the aneurysm was just a leak and a shunt inserted?

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Can an aneurysm cause a form of dementia later in life? My mother had one 10 years ago. Some apparent brain damage occured, i.e. confusion about time and space and short term memory loss, trouble with gait. Now there are more problems following conversations, staying on topic, not wanting to bathe, hollering at night, lack of more than 3 hrs. sleep in a row. She is now 83 y/o.

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An MRI should be able to compare what is going on with what happened 10 years ago. If there are no indications of recent bleeding or damage it is unlikely this is related to the history. Typically stroke or bleeding symptoms do not progress once the bleeding is controlled. But at 83 there may be many reasons for dementia, meds, infections, new vascular damage. Has she had a thorough physical and work up?
Thank you for your input. Mom can't have a MRI because of the coil and clamps used to repair the aneurysm and shunt placement. She gets her blood tested for liver because of meds and oncology follow-up, so I will mention the additional symptoms to her doctor.
seeme, it sounds like some form of dementia in addition to her brain damage. Possibly Alzheimer's but not necessarily.
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Brain damage is just that...."Brain Damage". Damage to the brain may be from organic causes (age-related dementia), trauma, aneurysm, strokes...no matter what the cause it all falls under the title of brain damage. The damage that occurred 10 yrs ago was there, was never and has never gotten better, those damaged parts cannot be repaired. What you are seeing now, is more likely due to normal age-related decline. It's possible she could be having TIA's....and no those aren't as easy to see as some think. Mom has already been dealing with a damaged brain for 10 years and now that she is 83 the terminology gets changed to dementia........but after it's all said and done....it is still "Brain Damage".

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My wife did have a mild heart or stroke three years ago and when I call 911 the check her out my wife was asked how old she was and she answer 47 yrs old ,I knew something had gone wrong. Right after that she began to lose it a little bit a a time. So yes brain damage is damage. (hugs"
hi my husband has 5 brain aneurysms every few weeks he starts to fall asleep even standing can not drive lasts up to a week then when he is coming out of it gets very anxious is this due to aneurysms has one coiled thank you

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