My parents live with us and we charge them a small amount in rent. They are on SS too. Are there any programs that will help us financially?

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No plan, no money and no one knew. 4 grown children and my father still working at 71. That was five years ago, and we sold a second home, bought one with an in-law apt. and have moved again for employment. Now my husband has been laid off (the main income) and we are still supporting ourselves and my parents with not much money coming in. Anyone know of a source that will help us? Our mortgage is more than our home value, of course in this economy. If we attempt to sell we will be further under water.

Karen :)

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If financial misery loves company, you have plenty. My heart goes out to you. You are just trying to do the right thing.

Please go to "aging services" or some version of that, on your state's Web site and see what local aid - if any - is available. Also, since they pay a small amount for rent, it may be a good idea to get that made into a legal agreement in case they go on Medicaid. An elder attorney or estate attorney would be best. Your State Bar Association may be able to recommend on who will work for a low or no fee in special cases.
Thanks, Carol. Why would I need a legal agreement? They have nothing. No savings, no property, etc.
My parents were also paying us "rent" when they moved into the addition we built for them. When we needed to apply for medicaid for my mom (she went to a nursing home) we were advised to create a rental agreement since my father would still be living at home.

When applying for medicaid all expense must be listed and help in determining eligibility since expenses are deducted from the couples monthly income. A rental agreement is also useful in proving residency. I found a simple agreement form online and predated it.
Paper trails, no matter how small, are important when you apply for any kind of government aid.

I hope things improve for you soon.
Thank you Janny - very helpful advice. I believe I gave them a lease when we first moved here, so I have it saved. :)

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