CTUSA2011 Asked April 2011

We are concerned that the governmental oversight of senior independent living residences might be too lax in Connecticut. What is it now?


It seems like there is no oversight. No local, state, or federal inspectors or social services looking out for their well being. Where can we find what oversight there is and where can we go to get it improved?

Everything seems to be left up to the residents and their families. Almost everyone can be accepted. Families can be advised that a resident needs assistance but they can just refuse it.

People can go for days (or weeks?) in the same clothes. There is an odor in the dining room of incontinent and/or unwashed people. The meals are ample for most but do not provide a healthy diet. No one checks to see how much residents have eaten. Many plates go back to the kitchen untouched.

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CTUSA2011 Apr 2011
Don't know if there is any regulation yet. I am going to contact a local state agency to find out. What I do know is that I searched Independent Living Residences from Florida to New England and I did not find one that did not offer meals. I do know that there are people living in Independent Living who should not be here. There should be protection if none does exist. I had hoped to get a reply from an Aging Care representative and am disappointed that the only response I got was from you. I do thank you for your interest but it is obvious that you aren't much more informed than I am.
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castoff Apr 2011
Independent or Assisted Living? Independant is just that (you're on your own), but it sounds like it's assisted with meals being served (unless they are offered for a small fee or as charity). Most assisted living is regulated and seniors receive help with bathing, laundry etc. If all your senior is paying is rent money, then I'm sorry but don't expect anything more. Anything over and above would be nothing more than charity, but I may be wrong & it would be worth checking into with your local Area on Aging, Legislators, or Citizens For Better Care assoc..
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