How does Veteran's Benefits Qualifications determine your asset worth?

My sister put her name on my mother's investment fund last year under coercion as my mom had dementia. My mom lives with me and we are now actively looking into assisted living as she is becoming a safety hazard in our home (she lives with me). Since her name is on my mother's account and it is now jointly owned does anyone know if the full amount counts towards my mother's assets or only half? How do these places determine your asset worth?

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I would highly recommend getting a referral to a company who prepares these VA forms as their only business. My Mom's ALF paid the fee for her submission. You might ask the directors at the ALFs you have chosen if they do this as well. They would be your best resource about income requirements.
One thing that the VA failed to tell me when I called them directly is that they do not consider income only. There are deductions for out of pocket expenses that will reduce her income level, including personal care, medical supplies, and her rent at the ALF.
Ask a reputable ALF who they use and make an appointment with them at least to get information.
It is possible for you to file the paperwork yourself, but it is quite and undertaking. You will have to gather mounds of documents. The main thing they are looking for is "decline" over the last 12 months. Document everything, even if your Mom needs to take someone's arm to walk.
The main thing I liked about working with a company is that they knew all the "inside" information about filing and how the forms should be prepared and what the VA is looking for.
btw, no company should be overcharging or trying to sell you on their investment plans and other services.
good luck
One of the ALF's we visitied did give us this information and the gentleman explained everything to me yesterday and it is exactly what you have described. I'm just leary that this is on the up and up but I'm guessing if the ALF which was a very nice place gave me the info it should be ok. I am working on the intake form now and my mom should have no problem as her health is declining and saftey now is a major issues. She just saw both the neurologist and PCP and both have told me it's time to get her in AL.
My father, a veteran, passed away last year. My mother has Alzheimers, but is not on Medicaid as she gets money from my dad's pension and his IRA. Is there any government help she is entitled to when we have to move her into a memory care unit for safety reason..?
My father is a veteran of WWII and suffers from advanced Alzheimers disease. He lives in an assisted living facility. His total assets are in his bank account. What is the maximum balance can he have in his bank account and be eligible for veterans assistance.

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