Is there such a thing as a Toilet Bowl Strainer?

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Mom MOM is going to kill our septic system!!! As funny as this posting sounds, I'm dead serious. I need something to strain the mounds of toilet paper she insists on using. She dosen't want me in the bathroom with her at all so I can't monitor her usage and We've already resorted to giving her 1-ply tissuein an effort to keep it from clogging up.

Any ideas???? Or should I start seeing a Septic man on the side?


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Hi shar, I too am on a septic system. May I make a suggestion, hopefully not too weird or gross. Maybe instead of using so much toilet paper, she could incorporate flushable wipes, or if not flushable, maybe you could have her dispose of wipes or paper in a special waste receptacle if she thinks she needs to use over the requirement for one flush. Just a suggestion, good luck, this is a good topic for me since I am nauseated LOL.
Thanks. That's something I hadn't thought of. My Significant other will aprove eagerly to this rather than the Septic Man idea.
Shar - how about leaving a limited amount of toilet paper available to her ? although you may be washing poopy panties as a result...
I have to laugh....I know you don't think it's funny but my mom would only use 1 square, therefore not wiping very well and you can guess the rest. I was always trying to get her to use more. The biodegradable wipes are a good idea tho. She also would not put her toilet tissue in the toilet. My grandkids were always upset because there was always poopy paper every where. Good luck..........keep smilin''s the only way to keep from losing your mind.......Phyllis
EEEEEEK!!!! Sorry, but I think I like the wipes idea, and putting it in a receptacle better than the alternatives. All this makes me laugh, even though it's not funny when you have to deal with it at the time. Good luck, nauseated
She clogged it up again!!!! I found she's flushing pad down the poor thing. The toilet is screaming. I wasn't laughing then but am now. For a moment I thought what would a toilet be thinkinging could think that is. That's not normal is it???
I like so many of you have the same issue regarding memory loss. I tell her and tell her and tell her but it's appararently it's just to hear my own voice. We placed a large paper receptical and asked her to PLEASE put all paper products in it and am going to try the wipes. I'm just afraid she going to think she can use that like toilet paper. Boy, if I had any money left to invest, it would certainly be in PAPER PRODUCTS.

Anyway.............we're gonna give it the old geriatric try. If there's a saint for toilets would ya'll please send a prayer and light a candle.

Thanks for all your ideas. I'll try anything at this point short of reporting her to the Sierra Club. lol

sorry about all the screwed up language and spelling. I'm loco right now
Hey Shar, no problem, we understand. After being around them with congnitive decline, we start to speak and act like them after awhile LOL. I guess it's our way of adapting for self survival. You're funny, I like your sense of humor. We must keep our sense of humor to survive. I have my own hygeine issues with dad to deal with this morning. He showers, but not often enough, nor does he change his protective undergarments often enough which results in bed changing, bathroom smelly, and my retching. Sorry. I have to address this issue without him blowint up at me. He doesn't like discussing his deficiencies I'm finding out, can't say as I blame him. Wish me luck. I wish you luck too, check back later. Nauseated
My mom has a colostmy bag she has to empty a few times a day. Luckily she can still empty it herself. We had a problem with too much toilet paper too. A nurse suggested biodegradeable disposable wipes. She thought they would be with baby wipes, but I found them near the toilet paper and napkins area of my supermarket.
Today I'm going into the big city (Prescott, az) to do my monthly shopping. First thing on the list is WIPES. Mom's bathroom wastebasket has definately been fuller the last 2 days but I'm not sure how long it'll be before she forgets. remember to use it.

Jusr the wipes last longer than a roll of tissue? Just wanted to get some idea as to whether I should buy a case or should I buy a dozen units. And how difficult was it for your Mom to make the transition from paper to wipes? And most impotantly does she like them better?


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