When will Medicaid or Medicare start to pay me for caring for a friend who is disabled?

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You may want to check with your local Medicaid office. Being paid by Medicaid is not as simple as it sounds, and in addition to your friend qualifying for Medicaid, being assessed and having the social services worker authorize the number of hours, you will have to take certain steps as well in order to be qualified to provide the care.

It is a good article, start with the info there and start finding out how you can qualify as a care provider as well as how your friend can qualify as a care recipient.

Keep in mind, they do not just pay per diem - they assign how much time it takes to do tasks associated with needs - so it would be 20 minutes x 2 week for bathing = 40 minutes. Since Medicaid pays a very low rate, be forwarned it is very little and it is taxable.

Take care & good luck!
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Medicaid payments start when the person's assets are nearly gone. Each state is different. If you are considering this you should talk with your adult social services people. There's a lot of paperwork, but once it's done you will have help. Good luck.

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