What steps do I need to take to get my mom into a nursing home?


Help with how I finance it. she has some money and has a house we are selling

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It depends on your Mom's condition. My Mom has dementia and other medical conditions, but is ambulatory. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and we were hopeful to then get her into a nursing home. However, the ER doctor would not hold her and realeased her the next day with meds for a UTI. We were so disheartened thinking we would be able to use this avenue to get her into a NH. However, we had already had a Nurse come to the house and do a PRI and we applied to many places until we were able to get her into the place we chose. We have to use up her funds and then when we get to a certain level in her bank accounts, will apply for Medicaid. She did not want to go and it was not easy, but it has been the right thing to do. She is much better now in the NH which happens to be a great place. Good Luck with this.
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good idea to look it up over there in the column. for short, she needs a hospital stay usually 3 days or longer and a doctor to admit her. good luck.
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If you go to the following link you will find everything you wanted to know and more about senior living and nursing home.


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