philipseth Asked June 2010

Spy cameras - a good idea?


My mother has dementia and is 88 years old. She is also stone deaf. I lost my father two years ago. My mother lives in the same bungalow and seems quite content. She has no friends really and doesn't miss them. The TV is her friend.
I would like her to have companionship but she doesn't see the need for it. As I said she likes her own company. What I worry about is falls. Her mobility is very good for her age and her reflexes are swift. I was wondering about installing spy cameras linked to the internet so that I and/or friends could keep an eye on her. I would also love to know what she gets up to during the day. She never tells me. I feel bad about spying on her as it feels like an invasion of her privacy. I wouldn't of course place a camera in the bathroom. Feedback would be greatly appreciated from anyone who has used this. Thanks.

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Stuck Nov 2010
I have thought about this as well. I do worry about her falling during the day but my husband is in and out of the house all that is not so much of the concern as what is she getting into? She is nosie and I know that she does things during the day but it is did not do it. She gets into our stuff, but I can't prove it. I don't know...not sure it would be worth it...maybe just satisfaction for me...Probably will never do that...a battle better just left alone. She just pisses me off. She acts like such an angel to others and they think she is so sweet. I am off the subject now so I'll quit. I think that if you feel you need cameras for their security you should probably have them installed.
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castoff Oct 2010
One woman on this site swears by them. Her mom (who lives with her) has advanced dementia/Alz and she put a camera in her bedroom so she can go about her business and still "check on mom" while she's working. It's been a Godsend to her.
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msdaisy Oct 2010
I too have thought of doing this but again its the whole invasion of privacy thing that I have issues with. Its so hard when you have a parent living alone and we worry so much. What about getting your mom a cat or something just to give her some company.
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