If a spouse sells their home, will some of the money from the sale of their home have to pay for the nursing home?

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My uncle has been in a nursing home for a few years...my aunt is still living in their home & wants to sell it & get a smaller place to live. With my uncle in the nursing home will she be able to do this or will she owe money to the nursing home for his care?? If she is not able to use the money from the sale of their martial home while he is in the home what happens when he dies? Will part of their home always be owed to the home or government for his past care?? Please help! My anutie & uncle live in the state of Missouri. Thank You!

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I would suggest you talk to an Elder Law Attorney to obtain accurate information and not opinion.
Thank you for taking the time to respond. That is what I figured & also what I passed along to my Auntie.....was hoping to know of any others who had experienced this....but I'm very grateful that you responded. Thanks again:-)
These are all sticky questions and alot depends on whether he is currently on Medicaid, what their assets are and how they are titled and what her near term needs are. I'd look for an elder care attorney who has a practice in the county where the home is and do a review of their finances and what the legal options are. Each state puts it's own spin on Medicaid & probate. Good luck.
The previous responses are correct. Each state has their own rules about Medicaid & assetts. I would research what your stae mandates so you will be informed before you retain an attorney. A lot of this you should be able to find out on your own before you retain an Atty. Good luck

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