Single and Caregiving: Will anyone want to be with me?


When I moved in with Mom to be her caregiver I gave up the thought of meeting someone to date and have a relationship with. I have a thought running through my mind "no one would want to be wilth me because I have to spend all my time caregiving my Mom (alzheimers) Is it true?

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My relationships have failed, not sure what part of caregiving had to do with it, but now I'm single and very lonely. I can't imagine having the time to meet someone or them caring enough to stand by me during this. I wish I was already established so I can have the support, but to start anew at this time seems improbable. Sorry, but men in general, and especially in a new relationship want fun and games, and my life is not about either right now.
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Well said girl!
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Well when I met my b/f I was caregiving for my mom only 1 day a it's much more...he became understanding and have involved him a little bit. When I am over at mom's I have dinner made over there so she has some and he has some...then it's win win. But if I did not already have him, I would think it would be very tough, it depends on how much time you need to spend caregiving. You may want to wait till it's over.
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Forgive me for being so blunt, but you're probably wondering if there's still a chance for a full-time caregiver to have a meaningful, long-lasting relationship.. I can't speak for other men, but no matter how much I love a caregiving woman eventually my patience would wear thin because I can only have a small part of her.

When I cared for my mother, I only dated; and always let them know my situation. The only ones who stuck around were those seeking a secondary gain, but I kept my eyes open and my feet on the ground. I knew that as long as I took care of my extra-needy mother my chances of feeling whole again were very slim. In other words, I kept it real ... with myself.

-- ED
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